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 Gamers Association Ghana
 Building the game industry in
Ghana together.

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Our Big Dream

We seek to bring together programmers, artists, game designers, audio professionals, content creators, streamers, and all other enthusiasts to network and exchange ideas to shape the game industry in Ghana.

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Our Story

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The association's inaugural plenary was held in August 2022 after the identification of the need for an established group of game professionals in Ghana especially, technical game designers and artists. Convened by Eyram Tawia of Leti Arts and Ambitious Africa Ghana, the inaugural plenary was attended by leaders in the Ghana Gaming Industry.

Founding Executives

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Become a Member

GAG will enable us to express our capabilities to the rest of the world and access other opportunities for our professional and personal growth. Our individual contributions when combined will have a greater impact.

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Twitter Space on GAG 2023 Plan

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Activity Calendar

September 22

The Africacomicade Gamathon

October '22

Twitter space to talk about Ghana Games industry 

GAG Launch Event and AGW annoucements

November '22

Stakeholders Meetup @ Arena233GH

December '22

Meet GAG @ Africa Games Week

Twitter Space on Africa Games Week 

February '23

Annual General Meeting @ Arena233GH or Leti Arts

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